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This application is functioned as your handy encyclopedia about the ‘Ids. It contains the knowledge of fiqh on the ‘Ids (Festivals): ‘Id ul-fitr and ‘id ul-adha, fiqh of zakat ul-fitr and the rulings of sacrifice.All the discussions are accompanied by
deliberating arguments/evidences (Dalil) from the Quran and sahih Hadith,In some hadiths, there are explanations for foreign/uncommon words/terms and some virtues from that hadith.

resala eid
Resala Eid di IPad

Features Application:

  1. Includes five topics at once:
    • About Eid: Definition of ‘Id, Types of ‘Ids in Islam, the ruling the greeting on the ‘Ids.
    • ‘Id ul-fitr: The special rulings related to ‘Id ul-Fitr.
    • ‘Id ul-Adha: The specific rulings about ‘Id ul-Adha.
    • Zakat ul-Fitr.
    • The Fiqh of Sacrifice.
  2. Searchable Content function.
  3. In accordance with the Quran and Sunna and explanation from scholars.
  4. Available in Arabic, English and Bahasa Indonesia.
  5. Swipe Navigation

It is hoped that this application benefits you.To accompany you going through the Sunna jouey during the ‘Ids.So that your happiness with your family obtain more blessings.We would like to wish you: Happy Eid Mubarok.

May Allah accept our deeds and your deeds.Accept our fasts and your fasts, ameen.

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